Express that wedding dress

There is a new dramatic photographic wedding style emerging of late which has now arrived in Galway. The style has been commonly referred to in the United States and Europe as ‘Trash the Dress’ but is now being offered exclusively as ‘Express the Dress’ by photographer Brad Anderson of Photo One Studios, Eyre Square Shopping Centre.

Express the Dress is the newest and most unique way for a bride to make the most of her wedding dress and create distinctive photographs that have real impact. The idea also works great for newlyweds who want to get something different when sometimes the wedding photographs turn out to be too traditional or predictable. Recently there has even been interest from bridesmaids, groomsmen and friends of the couple who want to buy an Express the Dress session for the happy couple as a unique present.

“I came up with the term Express the Dress as a way to get across the positive and creative idea which creates such amazing images but doesn't have to actually trash the dress,” Brad Anderson said. “In all cases so far the dress has not even been more spoiled than it would have been on the wedding day itself. The photo sessions are arranged after the ceremony is over so there is no stress. Oftentimes the brides will do things like jump in to the sea or a river and in public you can get away with a lot more in a wedding dress than you could normally so it's great, it's all about having fun. Your wedding pictures should reflect your personality and this is a great way to do that.”

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