Safefood advice for healthy eating on holiday

Keep it light for Breakfast

If breakfast is included in your accommodation, it’s tempting to opt for a full fry when it’s offered. Ask for them to be grilled instead of fried and team them up with some healthy vegetables such as mushrooms, beans or grilled tomato. Include some vitamin rich fruit or fruit juice if these are available for a great start to sunny days.

Watch your timing and avoid double dining

On holiday, we often eat out for lunch and dinner and there is a danger of having two really big meals each day. Try to decide in advance which will be the bigger meal and try not to leave very big gaps between meals so that you are starving when reading the menu. If you have had a large lunch and are out again at night, you can easily cut down by sharing a starter or a dessert.

Snack well

Try to avoid fatty snacks at the bar, particularly if you are about to eat dinner. At the beach, you can cool down with some fruit juice, or an ice pop type ice cream, which is refreshing, without lots of fat or calories.

Take time to move

Take an early morning brisk walk before the sun gets too hot, or take a dip in the pool throughout the day and chalk up some laps. You might even come home energised and in better shape at the end of your break!

And remember

Take the usual care when choosing to eat at a café or restaurant. Have a look at the general appearance of the place, including the bathrooms. When it comes to something to drink, make sure that bottled and canned drinks have intact seals or caps when you get them.


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