Look into my eyes — What is Hypnosis?

We know it helps people to stop smoking, lose weight and eliminate fears and phobias, but

what exactly is hypnosis?

There are many definitions of hypnosis and as many different reports of what it is like to go into trance. The discrepancy between what one person experiences and another person experiences lies in the fact that peoples perception of trance will have some effect on their experience of an hypnosis session. It is a perfectly safe state of mind. In fact, hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness so you are very much aware of what is going on around you. This explains why people will hear everything during an hypnosis session. In fact, you are in complete control during an hypnosis session. This is important as the hypnotist cannot give you any suggestions which you do not want to accept.

Stage hypnosis has its place in the world of entertainment, but as with the stage show the person will only accept suggestions they want. In an office setting where someone is there for something they want to achieve there is no audience and they are there with a purpose in mind so the hypnotist can tailor suggestions to suit the individual and help them achieve their goal.

Hypnosis is a natural state and is about suggestion. When someone wants to lose weight they will accept or reject the suggestions given to them by the hypnotist based on their needs and wants. So! You are always in control during an hypnosis session and your experience may well involve a feeling of heaviness in your arms and legs while someone else may feel as though they are almost weightless. Most people describe it as one of the most relaxing sessions they have ever experienced. If you ever choose to use hypnosis to help any area of your life then remember to be very clear about your goals and what you want from the session. Choose a hypnotist whom you can trust and who is properly qualified and at all times remember ultimately you have the power over your experience and your outcome!

Niamh Flynn DHP CI BA MMEDSCI MBA is a sport psychologist and hypnotherapist and is running hypnosis training certification at Hotel Westport in September 2008. For further information telephone 091 720145 or see www.bodywatch.ie for details.


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