Fur-tastic new business launches in Castlebar

A new business that has just opened its doors in Castlebar is sure to appeal to the many pet owners out there who are tired of their dogs shedding their fur on the furniture and covering their clothes with hair.

The new dog-grooming service, called The LaundroMutt, has a solution to tackle problem shedding.

The LaundroMutt uses specialised grooming techniques and equipment as part of a de-shedding treatment that removes undercoat and brings out the sleek, healthy, outer coat for a gleaming shine.

A specially formulated protein and aloe-rich shampoo is used during the treatment to strengthen hair and further reduce shedding, while soothing sensitive skin.

A keratin-rich conditioner is also applied.

“Dogs with double coats gradually shed their thick undercoat up to twice a year, kindly leaving it all over your home,” explained Jacqueline Hopkins, a veterinary nurse and owner of The LaundroMutt.

“Our de-shedding treatment takes out that undercoat and reinvigorates the outer layers, leaving pets looking sleek, healthy, and shiny.”

Jacqueline Hopkins, a qualified grooming professional and dog behaviourist, also specialises in dog-safe colour dyes and creative styling at The LaundroMutt.

All dyes used are pet-safe, non-toxic, and patch tested.

“It has been popular in some other countries for a while and we’re beginning to see the trend arrive on Irish shores,” she said.

“In particular, we’ve received a lot of inquiries about green and red doggy dyes as Mayo continue their march to the All-Ireland.”

For more information on the LaundroMutt, telephone (087 ) 2222067 or email [email protected].


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