Lunch time workouts and boxing fit

Colm Gannon gets fighting fit at Studio Style Fitness, Castlebar.

Colm Gannon gets fighting fit at Studio Style Fitness, Castlebar.

I’m back. I haven’t fallen off the wagon and I’m still working my body into a bit of a sweat, working muscles that haven’t been used since Jack Charlton was in charge of the Irish football team and Mary Robinson was president of the nation.

Boxercise was the latest class in which Barry McLoughlin at Studio Style Fitness put your correspondent through his paces in recent times. Punching a bag, and a few other exercises around it, sounds not too bad. Well 45 seconds of punching a bag constantly and my arms deciding they wanted to fall off, gave me an even bigger respect for those who go into the squared circle, and go for three minute rounds, and have the added problem of having someone else trying to land punches back on you.

But like any exercise, once you get into it, the initial soreness subsides and the body gets into it and the class was a really enjoyable 45 minutes. The short sharp class, with constant movement from one set of exercises to another with a break in between the reps, fairly got the blood pumping and the lungs cleared out. But as with all of Studio Style Fitness classes you do it at your own pace, but with plenty of encouragement from Barry you will not be slacking off any time soon.

If you have a busy evening schedule and cannot make it to an evening class, you can still slip in for a lunch time workout in Studio Style Fitness, where Barry puts on two 40 minute lunch time classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My colleague here in the Advertiser, Sean Walsh, sacrificed his lunch hour recently to take on the Variety Fitness class in Studio Style Fitness. With Sean being in a lot better physical shape he took to the class like a fish to water and came back with a glowing review of the class. The series of short sharp circuits in the class got his thumbs up along with the changing and shower facilities on hand in Studio Style Fitness.

Starting from next week, there are two new beginners fitness classes starting in Studio Style Fitness on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5pm to 5.45pm, so even those who are just thinking about dipping their toes into the fitness world can work themselves slowly back into it.

For more information contact Barry on (087 ) 6627871.


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