Thérapie Clinic announces #1CentSale on laser hair removal

Thérapie Clinic, Ireland’s leading laser hair removal clinic, has announced a new #1CentSale on laser hair removal.

For this month only, any existing or new customers who purchase an area of laser hair removal can then avail of a second area for only one cent.

The sale extends to the most popular treatments in Thérapie Clinic.

For example, customers purchasing lower leg laser can avail of any bikini laser treatment for only one cent or customers purchasing any bikini laser treatment can avail of underarm laser for only one cent.

Every customer who avails of the #1CentSale will also be entered into a competition to have the cost of their first laser hair removal treatment refunded in full.

To find out more about the new #1centsale, visit or find TherapieClinics on Facebook and Twitter.


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