Getting to grips with a kettlebell

So it was week two this week at Studio Style Fitness for your out-of-shape writer. Once the muscles that had not been used for quite some time in a TRX/bodypump class had returned to some normality over the weekend, it was time to get to grips with something new this week.

So Monday evening, it was time to get to grips with some kettlebells. The only kettle this writer is used to is the one you boil up to make some tea or coffee, or maybe the odd hot whiskey.

So faced with a choice in a variety of weights, we plumped for something that looked to be a little bit lighter than what the more experienced class goers were wrapping their fingers around ahead of our frantic 45 minute class. Quite what I was expecting I was not sure, but after a good warm up it was time to get swinging into to action, with Barry McLoughlin from Studio Style Fitness leading the way in front of a packed class of enthusiastic people.

There was no holding back, well of course it was go at your own pace as Barry was keen to ensure that no-one was going to overexert themselves too much and to make sure they enjoyed their work out. While there was plenty of swinging and lunging and one arm lifting and stretching, it was not just standing in one spot, as Barry broke up the class with plenty of cardio and core work to get a good sweat up.

The core is something this writer will have to put a good bit of work into, as it is something that did not happen in my younger days. I wasn’t even aware I had a core. A soul? Well, I hoped so. A core? That was something you did to a piece of fruit, I thought.

Anyway, we got through the class and with some more classes coming up before the end of the week after this was penned and early in the next week, there will be plenty more stretches and movements coming up for me soon.

Studio Style Fitness offers classes in kettlebells, boxercise, spinning, Pilates, TRX, and body pump, as well as a fully stocked gym. You can avail of unlimited gym usage and unlimited class for €50 a month. While for €40 a month you can have a gym membership that will entitle you to unlimited gym access, free fitness testing, one personal training session (normally €20 ), and a gym programme and dietary recommendations. For more information contact Barry McLoughlin, Studio Style Fitness on (087 ) 6627871.


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