A beauty serum adds an extra, nourishing, protective layer

Clarins Double Serum proves popular with Stauntons customers

It has been two years now since the launch of Clarins Double Serum.

Since then, the serum has won a host of beauty awards, including the title of best new skincare treatment at the Cosmetic Executive Women beauty awards.

The number of women who are using a serum as part of their daily skincare regime has surged in recent years and almost every major cosmetics house now has its own line of serums.

For those who are not yet familiar with the potential benefits of adding a serum into the mix, the idea is that a serum usually has a higher concentration of active ingredients than other skin products.

It is used after cleansing, but before applying sun screen and moisturiser, and just a few drops add an extra, nourishing, and protective layer of skin boosting ingredients into the beauty regime.

Clarins Double Serum is lightweight yet luxurious and was developed to reactiviate the five vital functions of the skin - hydration, nutrition, protection, oxygenation and regeneration.

It works to boost hydration, radiance, and collagen production, while fighting the effects of ageing, stress, and pollution.

Stauntons Pharmacy, Castlebar, is the Mayo agent for Clarins and the skin experts at Stauntons said the serum has been very well received by its customers.

One such customer, Dervla Taylor from Castlebar, has been using Clarins Double Serum since April 2014 and she reviewed the product very positively.

“I’ve used a few serums but nothing as good as this one,” said Dervla. “It is a bit more expensive but it is definitely worth it. It lasts for ages, is a lovely product to use and my skin feels tighter and more moisturised than before. The texture of my skin has improved and people have commented that my skin is looking brighter.”

Dervla said the growing number of serums on the market means it can be difficult to decide on one particular product. She purchased the serum after trying a five-day sample from the skincare experts in Stauntons.

“I am a working mother in my thirties and I started to notice that my skin does need that extra bit of care. I found the Clarins Double Serum was perfect. It was easy to work into my routine and really made a difference,” she added.

To celebrate the second birthday of Clarins Double Serum, Stauntons Pharmacy, Castlebar, is offering double points this weekend to all loyalty card holders when they purchase Clarins Double Serum. When a second purchase is made from the Clarins range, customers will also get a free gift.

Clarins’ skin expert Irene Smith is available for free consultations with Clarins customers today (Friday ). However, booking is essential.

For more information, contact Stauntons Pharmacy, Castlebar, on (094 ) 9024045.



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