Knock course is helping people tackle anger issues

Almost as many women as men are seeking help for their anger issues at a Knock based counselling service.

Knock Counselling Service regularly runs an intensive two-day anger management programme in conjunction with the Irish Association of Anger Management.

Peter Devers, a psychotherapist at Knock Counselling Services and the Connacht regional consultant with IAAM, says the course has been very successful in helping individuals learn to express their anger in a healthy way.

He says the course is usually 60 per cent male and 40 per cent female.

“We get people of all ages, both men and women,” says Mr Devers. “Anyone can be angry. Our research shows that men are more likely to get angry at work while women are more likely to get angry at home.”

Mr Devers says the programme teaches particpants the “golden rules” - to stop, think and look at the bigger picture - and provides people with the right tools to deal with their anger.

He points out that GPs are increasingly struggling to find appropriate support services for their patients with anger problems.


“Often, people are referred to the psychiatric services. However, more often than not, anger is a behaviour that can be changed with the appropriate tools rather than medication,” he outlined.

Mr Devers says the course has been received very well.

“The feedback we get is consistently good,” he continues. “We do a follow-up a few weeks after the course and we find people often say that, not only have they noticed the difference, but the people around them, their partners, friends, employers or colleagues, have also noticed a difference. So it has a positive knock-on effect on a lot of people.”

The course is open to “anyone who wants to express themselves in a healthier way”, adds Mr Devers.

However, he advises that people who are experiencing anger with extensive violence would benefit from more intensive therapy, such as a behavioural modification programme.

For more information, contact Knock Counselling Service on (094 ) 9375032 or visit


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