New weight loss and detox tea causing waves at Therapie

Therapie Clinic’s newest weight loss and detox tea is so popular there is a waiting list.

Chá Yi tea is a made from a 400-year-old recipe that Deirdre O’Dowd, manager of Therapie Clinic, Galway, says is very popular with celebrities. “The mix of oolong tea and lotus leaf in particular is renowned,” she said. “Dr Oz and Oprah are huge fans of this mixture.”

Therapie is waiting on a new order of Chá Yi at the moment. The tea has been flying off the shelves since customers discovered the fantastic weight loss results that are possible. Ms O’Dowd agrees its popularity is due to its detoxifying and weight loss effects. “People are always looking for a more natural way to help weight loss. This tea has so many great benefits along with weight loss that it’s just flying off the shelves,” she explained.

“The tea is full of antioxidants so you’ll have glowing skin, brighter eyes, and more energy. It also helps regulate your digestive system.”

This, along with increased energy levels, a boost to your metabolism, and its detoxing elements will have you feeling great.

Chá Yi tea is best when drank by itself. By following a gentle exercise routine every day and drinking a maximum of two cups of tea you will help activate fat burning. Deirdre O’Dowd also advises clients who are drinking the tea to eat little and often to keep up their metabolic rate and to incorporate fresh fruit and vegetables into their diet.

“The tea is full of specially selected herbs that facilitate fat oxidation, helping you burn the body’s fat reserves as fuel,” she explained.

Chá Yi can help your body get rid of fat instead of storing it, while reducing the body’s ability to absorb fat from your food.

“If you’re already trying to lose weight, drinking Chá Yi tea can help you increase your weight loss by as much as 50 per cent,” Ms O’Dowd added.

Therapie Clinic, Galway, is running a special offer of three bags of Chá Yi tea for the price of two. Each bag of tea contains enough bags for two weeks and is priced at €29.92. You can buy three bags, which will last you six weeks, for just €50.

“We would recommend clients use the tea for at least two weeks, or, ideally a month, with two cups of tea a day, which should see fantastic results. Once you’ve reached your target weight you can cut back your intake,” Ms O’Dowd said.

For more information on Chá Yi tea call into Therapie Clinic, Galway, or phone (091 ) 539900.


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