Get your summer health in check at Foxford Pharmacy

Foxford Pharmacy has announced its new health screening services.

Research is increasingly demonstrating how important it is to our health to know about our cholesterol level and maintain a healthy cholesterol balance.

At the Foxford Pharmacy, you can now get your cholesterol checked with a small finger prick. And what is even better, you will have the results in just two minutes.

While you wait, the team at the Foxford Pharmacy can check your blood pressure, glucose, BMI, and offer advice on achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As well as health screening, the pharmacy also offers its patients a new ‘medication review’ service.

Customers can bring all of their medication to the pharmacy and a qualified pharmacist will deliver a private 20 minute consultation, outlining all of the information you need to use your medicines correctly, from uses and dosages to proper inhaler techniques.

Other special summer offers at the pharmacy include a new FUJI service, where customers can have their favourite photos printed on a range of items, including mugs, jigsaws and teddies, all at great prices.

There is now a 50 per cent extra free offer running on Centrum Select 50 +; a 100 per cent free offer on Thermacare Back Heatwraps; 100 6 x 4 Fuji prints for just €9.99; and 50 per cent off all Nupo while stocks last.

The pharmacy also has a wide variety of handbags and scarves available to match your summer wardrobe.

For health screening, health and medication advice, great shopping, and summer offers and deals, visit the Foxford Pharmacy.



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