A pet is not just for Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us again and by now, many parents have probably already faced the inevitable pleas for a pet. Whether your little one is after a cat, dog, pony or any other animal this Christmas, buying and selling website DoneDeal.ie is urging parents to think carefully before giving in to their little darlings’ doggie demands.

Do you have the time? You will need to take your new dog for walks every day. Are you prepared for these one-hour walks on rainy days?

Do you know how much it costs? Food, vet bills, neutering, toys and accessories. The food alone can cost as much as €40 a month. Can you really afford it?

Did you do your background checks? Never buy a new pet without visiting it first and visit more than once if possible. Check out who you’re buying from. Puppies and kittens bred commercially, indiscriminately or carelessly are far more likely to develop disease, be temperamental, difficult to housetrain, have difficulty adjusting to family life, have physical defects or hereditary weaknesses.

Are you prepared? No matter how adorable your new kitten or puppy is, they are bound to cause some damage to your prized possessions. Preventive measures can be taken before the new arrival comes home, such as placing a scratching post in the middle of the room to stop a cat scratching your furniture. And make sure you keep your new slippers away from your puppy!


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