Christmas survival guide

As the countdown to the festive season begins, it’s time to look at your plan of action for those hectic party nights!

Christmas cheer—your social calendar can get very full at this time of year. Too much Christmas cheer can turn any of us into a grumpy and argumentative Scrooge! You’re more likely to enjoy it when you don’t overdo it. Eat well, drink plenty of water and give yourself some booze-free nights and plenty of rest. You’ll be glad of it. (And so will those around you! )

Heading out—if you’re driving, choose the designated driver beforehand. If not, have a taxi number saved in your phone or book your cab home before you head out. Check transport schedules because most offer an extended service.

Set your pace—pace yourself with water or a soft drink after every alcoholic drink and you’ll sparkle all night long. To feel festive the next day, eat well before a big night out, or at least have snacks or a meal with your drink.

Don’t go it alone—missed your last bus, no taxi fare and about to walk home alone? Don’t. Call someone who hasn’t been drinking and then wait in a well-lit area until they arrive. Don’t let a friend wander off into the night alone. Male or female, being alone in the dark with a few drinks on board makes you a vulnerable target.

Beer goggles—want a Christmas and New Year to regret? Let the booze do the chatting up for you. It has now been scientifically proved that the more you drink the more attractive people appear!

The day after—the only real hangover cure is time. Even if you feel better after a cure you still may not be fit to drive. Your body gets rid of one standard drink, on average—that’s half a pint or a glass of wine or a pub measure of spirits—per hour. Log onto online drinks calculator to calculate how many standard drinks are in your favourite tipple.

For many more hints and tips to ensure you survive the Christmas season, check out the Christmas survival guide which will be launched in early December and available online at


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