Top tanning tips with Cristalle Beauty for this Christmas

I always do my tan at home. Can you give me some tanning tips to look radiant this Christmas, as I can never get it right myself?

Tip one: always exfoliate, shave and wax 24 to 48 hours before tanning. Use a salt and jasmine scrub (€25 ) from Cristalle Beauty to make your skin feel squeaky clean.

Tip two: never moisturise before tanning as it acts as a skin barrier and inhibits the DHA from developing properly. Only moisturise problem areas like elbows, knees and ankles.

Tip three: always use a glove or a mitt to get the best coverage and apply in quick circular motions. Wash hands afterwards to avoid staining around the knuckles and nails, which are two bad tanning telltales.

Tip four: avoid showering or exercising for eight hours and avoid washing your hands if possible.

Tip five: avoid tight clothing, bras with straps, socks and white clothing whilst your tan is developing.

Tip six: shower after eight hours to remove the tan residue. Use no exfoliant shower gels and keep the skin moisturised to keep your glowing tan.

Vani-T is the latest tan on the market and is 100 per cent organic. It is available from Cristalle Beauty, Quay Village, Ballina.

Special offer

Until January—full body Vani-T spray tan only €25.

The products which you can purchase: Vani-T Bronzing Custard 200ml, €25; Vani-T Liquid Sun Tanning Mist 200ml, €31.10; Vani-T Bare Bronze Instant Tan 200ml, €30.



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