Return of Westport Walks Weekdays (WWW)

All schools in Westport are collaborating to encourage everyone to travel to school in a sustainable manner. WWW encourages all commuters to consider walking, cycling, car-pooling, or taking the bus to school. This is a re-launch to encourage schools to get involved and it is intended that they will hold regular WWW days from now on. This initiative is part of the Westport Smarter Travel programme.

WWW days started in 2009 and they were very successful with a reduction in the number of cars and congestion in the town. The return of WWW has the potential for even greater success. Westport’s new Greenways will increase accessibility and should be used on the morning and evening commute, if possible. These Greenways and lots more infrastructural developments in the town have made Westport a more walkable and cycle friendly area, whereby residential estates and the town centre are more connected.

As part of the Westport event Park ‘n’ Stride locations will be in place every day to encourage and facilitate people who wish to walk or cycle part of the journey to school. The designated Park ‘n Stride locations will be signposted and maps will be distributed at each school. Every pupil will be supplied with a special Westport Smarter Travel hi-vis vest to mark the re-launch.



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