Rice College open night on Wednesday, February 20

Rice College, Westport opens it doors on Wednesday, February 20 between 7pm and 9pm to welcome the young men who will seek admission for the new academic year commencing next September. Michael Rabbette, principal, Sinead MacManus, deputy principal and the staff will be available to meet the new students and their parents/guardians. They can be assured of a very warm welcome.

The open night will provide an excellent opportunity to enable visitors to experience the unique atmosphere in Rice College. The principal’s address will be at 8pm and parents can learn of the exciting new developments which will ensure that Rice College can continue to meet the evolving needs of its students.

There has been substantial investment in communications technologies with every classroom now equipped with a computer and data projector. This enables Rice College to use a diverse range of teaching and learning strategies to help their students to really enjoy the learning process.

Rice College has a strong academic profile and offers a rich academic environment which currently includes an excellent transition year option, the Leaving Certificate Applied, the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme, and the traditional Leaving Certificate.

Extra curricular activities are vital to enable every student to develop other aspects of his personality.

All students benefit from work experience.

Rice College recognises that the transition from primary to secondary education is a momentous occasion in a young person’s life. The staff work very hard to ensure that the new students can settle into Rice College as quickly as possible. Visit www.ricecollegewestport.ie for more information.



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