Reach your desired weight

Permanent obesity can lead to serious illness. Therefore many people have tried to reduce weight using several diets, mostly successful for the moment. Unfortunately after finishing the diet, weight is gained again, often much more than before.

Break through this vicious circle now.

Although nothing is forbidden, enjoy all food simply by learning to change your eating habits forever. That is the secret of losing weight and staying slim.

The programme addresses the individual needs of every participant and for this reason is carried out in small groups. Ute Klinger will accompany you on your way to a slimmer and healthier you for several months.

In addition to dietary changes, together with preparing meals and snacks, Ute Klinger will show you ways to relax and exercise more. Of course she will also accompany you in single individual counselling sessions to your desired weight when required. With a little patience you will succeed.

New evening classes will start soon. To get more information meet Ute Klinger at an upcoming information day on November 7, upstairs in the Atlantis Shop, Linenhall Street, Castlebar. Call in between 12 noon and 6pm or ring 086 866 8197. Email [email protected] or log on to



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