Vichy knows that women worldwide want ideal skin

Vichy undertook a 100 per cent Irish study to better understand Irish skin needs and wants. It surveyed 1,086 Irish women to discover what does ideal skin mean for an Irish woman. In direct response Vichy Laboratories launches Idealia, its first skincare range to help restore the behaviour of healthy looking skin for a more even tone and texture.

Idealia Pro — dark spot corrector

Vichy Idealia Pro contains the new generation of active ingredients able to target the deep source of dark spots in the dermis.

Dark spot reduction: LHA gently exfoliates dead epidermal cells and stimulates skin renewal.

Dark spot prevention: DRM-bright complex protects the fibroblasts in the dermis from oxidation and inflammation which indirectly influences the production of melanin.

Idealia Smoothing and Illuminating Cream

An everyday skincare cream for every woman, whatever her age, ethnicity, and skin type. It helps to improve skin quality; refines and softens skin texture, re-awakens skin’s natural radiance and diminishes the look of wrinkles for a fresh and more even-looking complexion. It contains three per cent kombucha, an ancient natural ingredient made from Ceylon tea and reco lasting toning qualities. It also contains AHAs to smooth skin texture, vitamin B to increase radiance, and polyphenols to aid micro-circulation. Call in to Staunton’s Pharmacy, Main Street, Castlebar to purchase Vichy products. 094 902 4045,


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