Watch your waste over Christmas

The EPA is urging households in Mayo to stay green this Christmas and recycle their waste. Christmas time produces more waste than any other time of the year, according to the EPA, and this waste can be diverted from landfills if people remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

The EPA has devised a number of tips to help the households of Mayo contribute to a greener Christmas:

Recycle your wrapping paper – after you have unwrapped presents, save the paper for next year.

SNUB: Say no to unwanted bags. Bring your own shopping bags.

Organise your household bins – a green bin (for, cardboard, biscuit tins, Tetra pack cartons, food cans and drink cans ), a compost bin (for biodegradable waste ), and a general waste bin.

Buy rechargeable batteries. If you are buying presents that require batteries, make sure you buy rechargeable batteries to go with them. When disposing of old batteries make sure you recycle them at your local bring banks and recycling centres.

Compost your Christmas leftovers. Raw fruit and vegetables, shredded paper, soft card, and chopped up Christmas plants are just some of the items that can be added to a compost bin.

Don’t throw away your cards – recycle them.

Put leftovers into reusable containers with lids instead of using non-recyclable aluminium foil or plastic film.

Be a green shopper – when shopping for Christmas dinner, avoid products with lots of packaging. Buy loose vegetables instead of packaged. Buy drinks in large containers rather than small containers – there is less waste and it saves you money.

Choose decorations that can be reused.

Recycle your Christmas tree –– trees can be shredded and shavings used for landscaping.

Give any unwanted presents to your local charity shop – someone will want them and it takes pressure off the environment if you don’t throw them away.

Your local authority can direct you to your nearest recycling facilities, or check out for a list of bring banks and recycling centres.



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