Speak to your pharmacist in private

Pharmacists are encouraging patients to seek a private consultation if they wish to discuss an issue. From last month, all pharmacies are obliged to have a private consultation area available to patients.

“Most consultations will still take place in the normal way at the counter of the pharmacy,” said pharmacist Ultan Molloy from Mayo. “However, we now have this great facility and I would encourage patients to use it, if they feel uncomfortable about asking for advice across the counter of a pharmacy. Some patients may feel embarrassed to ask at the counter about certain health issues such as thrush, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, or headlice in children, etc. Pharmacists are healthcare professionals and advise on these issues every day.

“Pharmacists are now getting involved in providing new services such as blood pressure and cholesterol testing and testing for risk of diabetes,” he added. “The private consultation area is the ideal location to provide such services.



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