Fresh, filtered air for your home all year around

The Drimaster, positive input ventilation system is a unique product that improves air quality in one’s home. The west of Ireland has the highest humidity and moisture levels in Europe. This contributes to the unpleasantness of a build up of condensation and mould in our homes. The Drimaster, will reduce the air moisture content to a healthy 50 to 60 per cent thus improving air quality. Mould and condensation becomes a thing of the past within weeks.

Energy benefits

Your roof is an energy source. Even the loft space itself is a substantial source of energy. Positive input ventilation units use the tiles/slates and/or the loft space itself to pre-warm the incoming air before delivering it into the home. In simple terms, a good quality low energy positive input ventilation unit will provide a significantly greater amount of energy into the home than the energy it consumes in the form of electricity, providing a considerable net energy gain.


By using positive input ventilation it will remove indoor air pollutants such as carbon monoxide and keep out traffic fumes, pollen and outdoor pollutants.

Drimaster units are exceptionally quiet, treat mould and condensation problems and reduces radon levels. They cost around 1.5 cent a day to run.

Drimaster units come with a five year parts and labour guarantee and filters — filters won't need changing for five years.

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