Don’t diet at Christmas but be healthy

At Christmas time we all love to have fun and indulge in our favourite food and drinks. The result is usually a few more inches on the waist line, followed by a New Year resolution to go on a slimming diet. Did you know that most people gain five pounds over the festive season? However, this does not have to be the case.

“Try not to diet this Christmas, but enjoy eating a healthy balanced diet instead,” said Valerie O’Connor, senior community dietician, Community Nutrition & Dietetic Service, HSE West. “Treat yourself to some of your favourite foods and combat overindulgences by wrapping up from the winter chills and going out for a walk with family and friends. Limit the amount of high fat, high sugar, treats you bring into the house and when visiting family and friends, gifts such as fruits, a household plant, or a scented candle are just as appreciated.

“When it is all over and you think about your New Year resolutions, don’t include ‘give up’, ‘never eat’ and other negative decisions,” she added. “Instead, make positive resolutions that you can stick to – learn to choose healthier options, go for smaller portions, have five or more portions of fruit and vegetables per day, drink eight to 10 cups of fluid and aim to be more physically active. At least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity on five days a week is recommended for health.”



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