Galway businesses can improve managerial skills with new diploma in leadership

Skillnet's programme development manager Brian Colleran.

Skillnet's programme development manager Brian Colleran.

It is said the recipe for success is 20 per cent aptitude and 80 percent attitude. Attitude is a reflection of leadership, meaning strong leadership is the single most important factor in business survival.

Yet, according to a recent report on Ireland by the Secretary General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD ), José Ángel Gurría, Irish businesses are underperforming because of weak managerial skills.

Skillnets, a Government-supported agency dedicated to the promotion and facilitation of workforce learning, has assembled a suite of management development programmes known as ManagementWorks to support business owners and managers acquire key management skills and capabilities. These high impact programmes are heavily subsidised and available across the country.

One such programme which will commence in Galway on April 16 is the IMI diploma in leadership, part of the IMI’s master’s in business framework.

Programme development manager, Brian Colleran, says the diploma in leadership programme will provide managers with cutting edge leadership capacities.

“Management skills are key to the current and future success of business. The challenge for managers is to ensure they develop those key skills to sustain their career and contribute to the overall success of the business,” he says. “This year we are again making available one of the IMI’s flagship programmes to SMEs in the west of Ireland. This is an extremely cost-effective way for career minded managers to acquire both the skills and qualifications need to drive their careers forward.”

The ManagementWorks IMI diploma in leadership programme is run part time over six months, starting on April 16 and takes place in the Harbour Hotel, Galway. The course is available exclusively to SMEs at a heavily subsidised cost of €3,000. Participants who complete this can complete two further level-9 diplomas to achieve a master’s in business.

For more information or to apply for a position on the course, visit

The ManagementWorks suite of programmes is an initiative of Skillnets, established under the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs in 2012 with a specific remit to enhance management capacity within SMEs nationwide


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