Ardaun plan will not be a free-for-all for landowners, says Crowe

Councillor Michael Crowe said last evening that care and attention will be required in addressing the Ardaun Local Area Plan.

The draft plan which encompasses a little over 400 acres adjacent to both sides of the motorway as you drive in to Galway from the east of the county. The plan is currently being finalised by planners and will be presented to councillors at their January meeting.

“While the city is seriously lacking in new homes and quality new commercial development, my own view is that we still have to go through due diligence. This are has been primed for sometime for development and I think some people are off the view that it is a fait accompli that there will be widespread and intense development here.

“I can assure the local residents and the people of the east side of the City, that this is not, nor will it be the case. I live in that part of Galway and am acutely aware of the many challenges that exist currently. We have to be cognisant of this and ensure that any land zonings made are not just reflective of what’s in the best interest of the general Briarhill area but also of Galway.”

He said that he understands that the current intention is to develop this in two phases — the first being the large green lands situated behind the Galway Clinic. The second development is on the opposite side of the motorway behind Coolough Village.

“Overall, I envisage that it will be a plan that will probably be delivered over the next decade or so. It is important to make clear to persons who have land holdings in this area that the coming months will bring clarity to how their land is to be zoned for this plan.

“I know many people have made submissions in this process which are currently been considered by planners. Councillors will give due consideration to the report the planners present to us and take on board all relevant matters. I would like to make clear my own view that despite the pressure we are under to supply housing lands, this will not be a free for all for any land owner” concluded Crowe.


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