High sock-ciety — owners thrilled as Varadkar appreciates Galway company’s socks

A Galway business has received the approval of An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, after he posted images of four pairs of socks he received on his social media pages.

Mr Varadkar wrote on his Facebook and Twitter posts “More socks” about the colourful socks sent to him by Irish Socksciety.

Founder of Irish Socksciety, Joanna Zalech, said she and her business partner, Alex Kieldanowicz were delighted that the Taoiseach liked the gifts they had sent.

“We were shocked or should we say ‘socked’. We have never thought he would post a picture of them. We were hoping that maybe one day if we were lucky we will spot him wearing one of the pairs. It felt really nice to find out he must have liked them.

“We have seen already, a few times, he likes socks and we thought it would be great if he wore Irish socks. Socks are for everyone despite their political views and we are glad the Taoiseach appreciates little things and a bit of humour.”

The pair who are originally from Poland, started Olyart, a company designing and selling humorous Irish souvenir gifts inspired with their experiences in Ireland back in 2011, after becoming redundant.

Zalech said; We are two Polish gals who fell in love with Ireland, Irish lifestyle, but most of all Irish humour. We design colourful and quirky socks inspired by Irish conversations and bringing the good auld laugh to the ones who wear or give them. Starting from ‘You are a ride’ through ‘Did you turn off the immersion’ to ‘Bye bye bye’ and more - those are the sayings which sparked ideas for some of the designs.”

The business women are also hopeful that other famous Irish people will appreciate their socks.

Zalech said; “We would love to see President Higgins wearing them. We have few new designs lined up to be revealed and are hoping many people, famous or not, will like them.”



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