Fascinating session at Functional Medicine Conference

The world of health and medicine is forever-evolving, how can we stay up to date with research and do we know what the future holds?

This year, at the 2nd Annual Lifestyle and Functional Medicine Conference to be held in Galway this weekend, (November 3/4 ) the organisers have announced a new session called The Future Trends. A short fast-paced session similar to Ted Talk style., the FMC has gathered some of brightest thinkers and passionate leaders from a diverse cross-section of industries to contemplate the future trends from industries as varied as medicine and technology to the marine and environment.

Delegates will have the opportunity to hear from experts within their respective fields and learn for the first time what is currently under research in areas of health, food, medicine, brain health, marine, automobile and more. The only way to start building a healthier world is through collaboration and sharing ideas of how industry and people can help shape the future of Ireland.

Ireland is a leader, and makes the impossible happen. With this in mind, the FMC event will host the Future Trends session with pioneers in their respective fields, including Dr Gerard O Keefe, who will explore the Future of Cognitive Decline, The Future of the Microbiome will be explored by Dr Basma el Homasany, an interesting insight into how our bacteria influences our body and mind, Dr Trevor Clohessy, is leading the way with how we will store our healthcare data and several other high profile speakers will take to the stage at the conference - which promises to be a ‘must see’ event in 2017 !

For more information or to book tickets go to: www.fmcireland.com


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