County council needs to provide more financial resources to undertakers

The Galway county council must take immediate action to ensure that undertakers are given adequate financial resources in order that they may carry out their function under the Coroners Act.

That is according to Conamara area councillor Seosamh Ó Cualáin.

Cllr Ó Cualáin said; "I cannot emphasis enough the urgency for this service, particularly in west and north Connemara. Undertakers are not threatening to withdraw their service; they have withdrawn their service and will not assist agencies at the scene of accidents or take bodies to UHG. Undertakers are being left out of pocket."

Director of services Michael Owens responded; "A review of scheme is ongoing and changes are proposed. But the funds need to be put in place and without an increase in allocation in the budget, it is not possible to implement changes."


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