Baboró Ambassadors Séamus & Micheál Barceló

The 21st Baboró International Arts Festival is in full swing and is running in Galway until this Sunday. In this week’s Baboró Ambassador series we meet brothers Séamus and Micheál Barceló. For full details about what’s on in Baboró this weekend see page 58

One of my favourite Baboró memories was?

Séamus: Nubes/Clouds in 2011 when I was only 5 and what I can remember most is the clouds floating over us. Also last year I loved The Queen Has Vanished.

Micheál: My favourite memory was when I went to see The Gold Digger when I was 7 years old. My second memory was The Secret Life of Suitcases last year.

Baboró is important for Galway because?

Séamus: All the children of Galway that don’t know about theatre get a chance to go into the imaginative world of theatre and I think that’s great for everyone. I think we are really lucky to have Baboró in Galway.

Micheál: I agree with my brother. I think it is good for Galway children to see new ideas in plays that are fun, happy, sad and enjoyable. And to see plays from different countries.

I’m really looking forward to this year’s Baboro festival because?

Séamus: I always get excited a few months before Baboró because I can’t wait to see the new brochure. I love to see how all the props are set out on the stage beforehand. I like to see how every company makes different plays. I can’t wait to see We Come From Far, Far Away and The Peter Pan Experience. Every year after Baboró my brother and I use ideas from plays in Baboró so we can make our own plays at home.

Micheál: I think the plays look really good this year and I like going with my family and Nana too. We are really lucky this year because we are going to six shows this year.

Séamus Barceló is 11 years old and is in 5th class in Claran National School, Claran, Headford. He likes writing books and scripts. He also likes acting and his favourite sports are Gaelic and Soccer. He also has a band with his Dad and brother, Micheál, called The Barceló Brothers. In the band he plays drums and both his brother and Dad play the accordion and guitar but they all sing.

Micheál Barceló is eight years old. He is in 2nd Class in Claran National School, Claran, Headford. He loves to play the accordion and guitar, gaelic and soccer and he likes to act and draw.

Baboró International Arts Festival for Children is now on and is running in Galway until this Sunday October 22. For full details see or call 091 569 777



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