Cannon praises Portumna native’s inspirational campaign

The Minister for the Diaspora and International Development, Ciaran Cannon, has described a campaign to highlight alcohol awareness among third level students as inspirational.

Minister Cannon said; “Sabrina Fallon, who is a native of Portumna and a highly talented artist, has put heart and soul into her project ‘Dying to Live’ which will be promoted to over 2,150 new students at GMIT this semester as part of the GMIT student services’ #First5weeks welcome programme”

The objective of the project by the student services team at GMIT is to prompt students to think about their alcohol intake as the student year starts, the possible adverse effects on their lives, and the need to strike the right balance from the outset between study and healthy habit.

Minister Cannon said; “Sabrina has created a remarkable piece of art called ‘Two Thousand Stitches’ which represents the journey undertaken by those whose lives are dominated by addiction. The ‘Two Thousand Stitches’ correlates with the 2,000 hospital beds occupied each night by people suffering from alcohol related issues.

“This is a truly inspirational campaign and illustrates in a very tangible and evocative way that not only should third level students enjoy alcohol in a responsible manner but that they should watch out for each other.

“Beginning third level education is a magical time, but there are dangers. Sabrina’s work, which is on view in the Café Foyer of GMIT from 25th to the 29th September, highlights the need for students to remain acutely conscious of responsible social drinking.”



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