Some UK imports come with unwanted baggage

While the debate as to where the best value in the car market is to be found continues, what is of paramount importance when considering buying a vehicle is its history.

SIMI and Experian, the global information services company and providers of the car history check service in Ireland, has released the findings of a survey it carried out on more 103,000 UK imports registered in Ireland between 2005 and 2008.

The results of the survey are alarming; 21 per cemt of vehicles had either a problem with finance, had been previously damaged, written off, or stolen in the UK, or had a combination of these factors. Furthermore, the survey by SIMI and Experian revealed that 18.1 per cent had been clocked. Between September and December 2008 alone, 11 per cent of vehicles imported from the UK and checked through the car history check facility still had outstanding finance.

Commenting on the findings, Emma Byrne, car history check manager at SIMI, said, “Requesting an in depth certified vehicle history is common practice when purchasing a vehicle in the UK. The figures above highlight the importance of having car history checking facilities in Ireland to ensure that no customer or motor industry trader is left exposed to unsafe imported vehicles. While every consumer is shopping around for the best value in their used car purchase, it is important to investigate the vehicle fully because in many cases you often have little recourse and can be left out of pocket, or worse, risk your safety and that of your passengers. ”

Following the high number of UK imports brought into Ireland in the last five years SIMI and Experian are working together by offering car history check to facilitate far greater transparency in the market and prevent the introduction of unsafe vehicles on our roads. A full car history check certificate can now be requested by many SIMI member dealers on cars sold at their dealership whether they are Irish or imported vehicles.


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