MADRA adoption day to help dogs find a home

MADRA currently has more than 100 dogs looking for new homes due to the continued growth in the number of stray and surrender dogs coming into its care.

It is hopeful that an adoption day in GMIT on Sunday July 9, between 12 and four pm, will result in some new homes being found.

With so many dogs in its care, MADRA is currently relying heavily on foster homes and external boarding kennels to deal with the number of dogs on its books.

External boarding space is limited and comes at a significant cost to the charity; MADRA is hopeful that this event will result in finding new homes for 20 dogs and free up some space for the dogs currently waiting for assistance.

Although space is needed for new arrivals, MADRA also wants to be sure that people have thought long and hard about the responsibility involved in owning a dog, and it will talk people through this carefully on the day.

The dog adoption days have been extremely successful for MADRA to date, with almost 30 pups finding homes at the puppy adoption day in February this year.

Visitors on the day can meet up to 30 different adult dogs and find out more information about the dog’s personality and activity level, as well as the type of home that will suit them best.

Those interested in adopting a dog on the day will be asked to complete an adoption questionnaire and a home check is required.

For those seriously considering adopting on the day, MADRA encourages them to contact its website,, to arrange for a home check in advance of the event. People come from far and wide to meet the dogs, and many end up finding their perfect canine match at an adoption day.

All dogs are micro-chipped, vaccinated, and neutered before going to their new homes and an adoption fee of €150 is recommended.


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