Time to make a difference — the Pledge Watch

In a world where time is a precious commodity, there is a new way of using it to show you care. By wearing a Pledge Watch, your wrist becomes a showcase for the causes/charities that are closest to your heart. Every Pledge Watch is the result of a personal story that you carry around with you, creating an awareness of the deserving causes that have helped you or those close to you.

When Mike Fitzpatrick’s mother, Teresa Fitzpatrick spent her last days in Galway Hospice in September 2016, he wanted to make a difference; to use his creativity that would enable the work of the Hospice to be appreciated and supported. The idea of the Pledge Watch as a way in which people could contribute to the Hospice while also having an attractive piece of funky fashionwear to remind them of the sterling efforts of those who work there.

It was at this stage Mike sought the expertise of his cousin Anna Forde from The Beauty Suite in Tuam, to collaborate with him on this new project. Her reaction to the idea was immediate and positive and so they became allies in pushing to life the Pledge Watches idea.

The Pledge Watch is a bright colourful silicone gel watch that has a range of interchangeable straps that you can use to coordinate your look. So you are both charitable and chic with one fell swoop. They are rapidly becoming conversation starters. “The Pledge Watches have brought strangers to- gether. Many who have bought them have remarked on how they have been asked about the watches and so the stories are shared and the legendary work that the causes do is transmitted into concrete support” says Mike. “Those who have them also recognise them on the wrists of others, so they bring together a family of people who have benefitted from the Hospice.” Each watch allows the wearer to talk about a cause that matters to them.

Now there are several Irish causes that have their unique clockface - each allowing the wearer to proudly declare their appreciation for the work done by the causes.

Already there are Pledge Watches for the Galway Hospice, Pieta House, Irish Autism Action, the Marie Keating Foundation and the DSPCA with specific designs for each cause.

These colours are: Amber yellow watch with sunflower dial is Galway Hospice.

Brilliant rose pink watch with pink ribbon dial is Marie Keating Foundation. Light tiffany blue watch with colourful stripes is Pieta House. Egyptian blue watch with stars is Irish Autism Action. Ebony black watch with cats and dogs on dial is Dublin Society of Prevention to Animals.

By buying a pledge watch and supporting a cause, you are making a difference through the curiosity about time. Using time to make a difference. Every time a Pledge Watch is bought, not only is €5 being donated to the cause, but by wearing the watch, you are carrying the message around with you every day, remembering those who have benefited from it, and encouraging others to support the great works. The Pledge Watch is a lightweight, funky timepiece that can be changed to suit your moods or your wardrobe. Time has an unusual way of showing us what really matters. The Pledge Watch is a fashionable way to remember.

Mike Fitzpatrick has a graphic design business named Bullet Design on College Road, Galway, and became his own best customer, designing the concept, the look, and the feel of the watches, ensuring that they embody bright bold, solid colour funky fashion and comfort.

All of the causes featured on the Pledge Watches are delighted by the concept which secures them increased awareness and increased funding, allowing them to continue to provide the services they do.

Order your Pledge Watch now and help the causes closest to your heart. Pledge Watches cost €39.95 and they are delivered free worldwide.

For more detail and a selection of causes and colours, see www.pledgewatches.com or Like Pledge Watches on Facebook. Pledge Watches - c/o Bullet Design, College Road, Galway. H91WEW8, Ireland. Phone: 091 562929



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