Moycullen supports the Connemara Greenway

Landowners’ concerns should not be a barrier to the huge benefits

Members of the Moycullen Community Development Association have voted unanimously to back the completion of the Connemara Greenway from Galway city to Clifden.

The association is made up of businesses, shops, community groups, individuals, and landowners in the Moycullen area.

Peadar Mac Fhlannchadha, chairperson of MCDA, said: “Moycullen Community Development Association are delighted to affiliate to the Connemara Greenway Alliance. Three years ago this month the Government announced that €2,000,000 in competitive funding had been awarded to GCC to complete planning for the Galway to Oughterard leg and construct the Galway to Moycullen leg of the Connemara Greenway. As a community organisation we believe it is essential that this development moves ahead without further delay.

"We believe the overwhelming majority of local people are hugely supportive of the greenway, and while we appreciated that some landowners may have concerns, these need to be addressed speedily by the local council and Government authorities," he added. "Such concerns are normal and have been successfully addressed many times in the past during greenway developments and should not be a barrier to the huge benefits an inclusive and successful greenway can bring to a locality and region.

"Moycullen, Killanin, and Oughterard, like many other towns and villages throughout Connemara, have lost businesses and jobs since the Celtic Tiger years, and the success of greenways in other parts of Europe and the World have unquestionably demonstrated that greenways provide a sustainable and cost effective way of regenerating year-around local enterprise and jobs and we as a community cannot let this opportunity pass us by.”

Community benefits

Following the landmark vote, the MCDA has officially joined the Connemara Greenway Alliance which is calling for the completion of the Connemara Greenway by 2020, when Galway city and county becomes the official European Capital of Culture.

Tiarnan McCusker of the Connemara Greenway Alliance is delighted Moycullen is getting behind this campaign.

“The community there will be the key beneficiary of the greenway with its proximity to Galway city and a manageable cycle ride for many families and novice cyclists.

“Already we have seen other greenway towns, such as Newport in Mayo and Dungarvan in Waterford, getting a huge boost through tourist numbers.

“When completed, the people of Moycullen will finally be able to walk and cycle in a traffic-free environment with all the resultant health, fitness, social, and mental health benefits that will accrue."

The Connemara Greenway Alliance is campaigning for the completion of the Connemara Greenway in time for 2020. The group is made up of the Moycullen Community Development Association, Galway Chamber of Commerce, Connemara Chamber of Commerce, HSE Healthy Cities, Galway’s West End, local businesses, community groups, and landowners living along the route.

To support the campaign as a business email [email protected] saying "We support the Connemara Greenway;" individuals can also sign a petition of support on – search for Connemara Greenway.


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