DNG Maxwell Heaslip & Leonard kicks off 2017 with hugely successful auction

No 70 Riverdale.

No 70 Riverdale.

Leading local estate agent DNG Maxwell Heaslip & Leonard kicked off the auction season in Galway last Thursday with a hugely successful auction in front of a packed auction room. With a large registration queue formed from lunchtime in the Radisson hotel, the intent was clear from potential purchasers — they were there to buy.

Proceedings kicked off promptly at 3pm with the c200 strong assembled crowd paying close attention to auctioneer James Heaslip, lest they miss their moment in what was an intense and fast paced afternoon of bidding, accepted offers, and the distinct bang of Heaslip’s golden gavel, to the delight of the successful bidders.

Lot 1, a detached property in Lisduff, Co Clare, was the perfect opening with 16 bids, all but the final two in increments of €5,000, flowing in the space of two or three minutes, and auctioneer James Heaslip lowering his gavel for the first time of the afternoon and graciously accepting the ensuing applause. Lots 2 and 3, No 70 Riverdale, Oranmore, and No 30 Gaelcarraig Park respectively, continued in a similar vein with intense and decisive bidding on both properties securing sales within just a couple of minutes on the auction floor. The latter enjoying enormous interest with numerous bidders jockeying for position as the highest bidder resulting in a total of 27 bids and a sale price of €157,000.

According to James Heaslip, auctioneer, who conducted all of the auctions, “The appetite in the room for buying was palpable – people were there in their droves to buy, with certain properties such as the properties in Gaelcarraig Park and the four bed in Riverdale, Oranmore, and Sandyvale Lawns proving extremely popular.

“There was no messing about,” he added. “People mean business, as do we, and we moved through the lots quickly. The beauty of the auction for both buyers and vendors is the way it brings things to a head. If the property is knocked down on the floor, contracts are signed immediately afterwards. For the properties that don’t sell on the auction floor, we usually secure a sale immediately after the auction or within the following week. As of now we have secured the sale of all but one of the 21 lots brought to the floor last Thursday which is a hugely successful result.”

All of the auction results can be seen at www.dnggalway.ie . DNG Maxwell Heaslip & Leonard will host its next auction on Friday May 12. For more information on how to include your property, contact the auction team on 091 565261.


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