McNelis demands gardaí assist with Parkmore traffic chaos

The Gardaí must be present each evening at Parkmore to deal with the area’s traffic chaos, a situation which one local councillor says is “becoming not only an inconvenience, but is becoming dangerous”.

Labour city councillor Niall McNelis is calling on Galway City Council Chief Executive Brendan McGrath to “urgently contact” the gardaí to request assistance at peak hours with the traffic at Parkmore Business Park, and to develop a traffic management plan to deal with the issue in the short to medium term, ahead of the proposed new entrance for the park being constructed.

Parkmore has become one of Galway city’s most notorious traffic blackspots. Cllr McNelis described the situation as follows; “People stuck for more than an hour outside their work place in the evening are panicking, getting anxious and this will, and does, lead to aggression - which no one needs trying to get home in the evening.”

Cllr McNelis was told that the gardaí would keep the area “under observation and assist when needed”. However in light of the persistent traffic problems, he is asking the council’s chief executive for answers on how often the gardaí have assisted at Parkmore; what is “limiting them from being there” in the morning, evening, and at peak times; and for a report to be drawn up for councillors on “what is happening short term, long term” with the gardaí on the issue.


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