Lose weight permanently at Oranmore fitness facility

Oranmore fitness facility Educogym is offering a new scientific approach to firing up your metabolism and burning off excess fat permanently.

More people than ever are going on diets and trying exercise programmes, but even if we lose weight in the short term, the weight just comes back on, often with a bit extra. In fact 95 per cent of people who get back into good shape will be in even worse shape than when they started after one year. Why does this happen?

Science shows us that when we age we lose muscle tissue. This is not only from our bodies but also from our vital organs such as our heart, liver, kidney, and even our brain. This muscle loss also leads to a lowered metabolism — the rate you burn food and fat for energy. Aerobics and low calorie diets may help lose weight initially but much of this weight loss is muscle. This means that it gets harder to burn fat the more muscle we lose. So what’s the answer? What if there was a fast easy scientific solution to not only burn fat fast but also increase your metabolism?

Tara McFadden has brought this solution to Galway and is causing quite a stir. “It’s simple once you know how, the system we have actually fires up your metabolism while burning fat,” she explains. “It’s a careful combination of short (only 20 minutes ) exercise, good nutrition, and concentration. Without one of these elements, the system would fail. All three elements will lead to increasing muscle which means more energy, well-being, and a faster metabolism like you had years ago. Each pound of muscle burns 50 to 100 calories a day, so even putting on a few pounds of youthful, lean, tissue will have you burning fat 24 hours a day, even at rest. To maintain this long term, you are only required to workout 20 minutes, three times a week. We are not interested in a quick fix that only makes the problem worse, we are offering a long term solution.”

To find out more about Educogym and firing up your metabolism, call Tara at (091 ) 788880, call to Educogym, Main Street, Oranmore, or visit www.educogym.com


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