Any Anglo-Irish Bank wrongdoers must meet ‘full rigour of the law’

The current investigation into Anglo Irish Bank by the Garda fraud bureau is a “necessary step” and if any wrongdoing is discovered, the perpetrators “should be pursued with the full rigour of the law”.

This is the view of Galway West TD Noel Grealish, who has welcomed the news that the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation has moved into the offices of Anglo Irish Bank to assist officers working with the Director of Corporate Enforcement, in its ongoing investigations into ‘irregularities’ in the bank’s practices.

Dep Grealish said this was “a very necessary step in ascertaining the extent to which any wrongdoing may have occurred. I am confident the additional resources of the GBFI will assist greatly in deciding in which way this investigation should go in the future”.

The Carnmore man said that if any wrongdoing is discovered, the perpetrators “should be pursued with the full rigour of the law, including bringing in the powers of the Criminal Assets Bureau, if necessary”.

He said the matter must be dealt with “swiftly and efficiently” so as to preserve Ireland’s credibility in international financial circles and to assure the Irish public that “where crime exists, whatever the source of it, it will not be tolerated”.

Dep Grealish said the public is being asked to endure some form of cutbacks as a result of the current economic crisis and as a result “they are entitled to see the perpetrators of ‘white collar crime’ being fully investigated and, where appropriate, being pursued in the courts”.

Fianna Fáil Galway West TD Dep Frank Fahey has also welcomed the investigation.

“It is vital that every necessary resource is provided to ensure the investigation is speedy and effective,” said Dep Fahey. “It is vital for public confidence, particularly as the taxpayer now owns the Anglo-Irish Bank.”


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