New Opel Insignia Grand Sport here next year

Mew Opel Insigna Grand Sport.

Mew Opel Insigna Grand Sport.

Opel has given us a first look at the next generation of its next flagship, the new Insignia Grand Sport, which will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Following the successful first generation Insignia, with more than 900,000 having been sold already, the new Insignia Grand Sport is based on a completely new vehicle architecture.

The wheelbase has been lengthened, enabling a much more spacious interior that especially benefits the rear passengers. And the new Insignia Grand Sport gains great new, athletic proportions and a real presence. It looks much longer and sits lower, with the silhouette of a coupe and the bold road stance of larger premium class car.

Opel says it offers class-leading aerodynamics and a CD of just 0.26. Inside, the new Insignia Grand Sport also delights the driver with an impressive dashboard and a lower seating position, that Opel claims will provide a more engaging and direct driving experience.

Like for the Astra, Opel claims that efficiency was key during the development of the new Insignia. Optimised packaging and the use of lightweight material have helped cut the weight by up to 175 kilograms, to the benefit of driving precision and agility. New, high-tech features such as the all-wheel drive system with torque vectoring – the most sophisticated system offered in the segment – or the new eight-speed automatic transmission allow drivers to exploit their strengths to the full.

Opel promises great technologies and innovations in the new model including the most sophisticated all-wheel drive system in class and the next generation IntelliLux LED.

Opel says the Insignia Grand Sport will come with a string of top technologies that make driving it safer, more relaxing and more comfortable than ever. Building on the highly acclaimed LED matrix adaptive lighting system of the Astra, Opel engineers have already developed the second generation IntelliLux LED® light for the Insignia that’s even faster, more precise and more powerful and its high beam now has a reach of up to 400 metres.

Lane Keep Assist with automated steering correction, a new head-up display and the 360° camera along with comfort features such as the unique AGR-certified premium seats, front and rear seat heating right up to the heated windshield further enhance the new Insignia’s comfort.

Outstanding infotainment and connectivity are obviously also on board thanks to the latest generation IntelliLink systems and the personal connectivity and service assistant Opel OnStar, which, with the launch of the Insignia, will offer a new Personal Assistant service.

Opel also tells us the Insignia Grand Sport is its first car with an active aluminium hood which, in case of a collision with a pedestrian, lifts in milliseconds to increase clearance with the hard engine parts, thus improving protection considerably.


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