MADRA issues appeal for foster homes over Christmas

Dog rescue charity MADRA is appealing to the people of Galway to provide two-week foster homes for rescue dogs over the Christmas period.

Due to the high demands put on MADRA at this time of year, the Camus-based charity is looking for people to commit to providing a warm, caring home for an unwanted dog over Christmas. The support of foster families during this period will greatly help to alleviate overcrowding and ensure adequate space for the dogs waiting in the local pounds in Galway and Mayo.

Edel Comerford, of MADRA says that Christmas is an extremely busy time for all animal shelters – rehoming rates slow down dramatically and the pounds are closing for Christmas so they need to take the dogs in by a certain date.

“Fostering can be extremely rewarding for those who would like to own a dog but are unable to do so due to work or family commitments. Taking a dog into your home for the Christmas period will not only help this dog to find their forever home, it will also make space for a dog waiting in the local authority pound.”

From January this year to the end of November the charity has successfully rescued 765 dogs, an average of 2.3 dogs a day, The majority of dogs come from local authority pounds (Galway and Mayo ) with others being rescued from neglectful or abusive situations.

MADRA advises anyone thinking of getting a puppy this Christmas to give it serious thought and not to make the decision lightly.

“Dogs often live for over 10 years, so people need to give serious consideration to what their circumstances will be well into the future when thinking of getting a puppy. The rescue charity is all too familiar with people looking to surrender their dogs and receive at least a couple of enquiries a day this time of year,” said Ms Comerford.

MADRA would like to say a huge thank you to all its supporters and volunteers who helped to make 2016 such a successful year. With the kennel refurbishments now complete and a whole new MADRA shop and headquarters opened in Furbo, 2017 looks to be an exciting time for the ever-expanding charity.

For more information on fostering a dog for a full two week period at Christmas please email [email protected] or text 086 8149026.


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