Electric Renault Zoe sets new record driving range

A Renault Zoe with the longest range of any mainstream electric vehicle at 400km was unveiled last week by Carlos Ghosn, Groupe Renault chairman and CEO at the recent Paris Motor Show.

Fitted with the new ZE 40 battery, the Renault Zoe now delivers a record NEDC driving range of 400km, which is twice the distance delivered by the model at the time of its original launch. The new ZE 40 battery will go on sale in Ireland in early 2017.

Even in real-world driving, Renault estimates the new ZE 40 battery has a range of 300km in urban or suburban areas.

Renault says the range offered last week by the new Zoe is the longest of any mainstream all-electric vehicle, and motorists can take advantage of this step forward now. The Zoe is the best-selling electric vehicle in Europe and provides a real alternative to internal combustion engine cars, since average daily commuting distances are well within the Zoe’s capabilities.

The new battery removes the final psychological barrier that stands in the way of buying an electric car, so-call ‘range anxiety’, since Zoe users can now travel further and enjoy a wider variety of driving situations without worry about charging.

The time required to charge the ZE 40 battery is similar to that necessary for the standard battery, so ‘topping up’ doesn’t take long at all. For example, just 30 minutes is required on average to charge the battery for an extra 80km of driving range when plugged into one of the many public charging points in operation in Europe. The Zoe continues to be available with the quick charge function to take full advantage of the maximum capacity of fast charging points located predominantly along motorway corridors.

Renault says new Zoe owners will be able to benefit from a range of new connected services and equipment upgrades.

“This month Renault surpassed 100,000 electric vehicles sold and now Zoe will travel up to 400km without recharging, " said Carlos Ghosn. "We are continuing to push in areas where innovation matters most for Renault customers. Making it easy for them to choose electric, with new connected services to enhance their driving experience, is a top priority for us and for Zoe customers."



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