Baboró’s difference makes it great

Continuing our ‘Baboró Ambassador’ series, this week we hear from eight-year old Noah Mun’goma-Webb. Baboró International Arts Festival for Children starts this Monday October 17th and runs until Sunday October 23rd.

Noah Mun’goma-Webb

Noah Mun’goma-Webb

One of my favorite Baboró memories is Paper World. Everyone got to go up on stage and we started having a paper fight with some of the actors. We tore down all the paper on the set and threw it at each other. It was a lot of fun. I don’t think you get to do that at other festivals, that’s why Baboró is so great.

Baboró is important for Galway because it is a nice time to have and enjoy shows for kids. I like interactive shows and musical ones. Mr Foley the Radio Operator was a really nice show. The actor Louis Lovett was a telephone man and he did lots of fun things with his voice. It was great. And afterwards he let us ask lots of questions. I also really liked SCRAPS, A Mano, Potato Needs a Bath, On/ Off, L’ Elephantino and Amococo.

I’m really looking forward to this year’s Baboró Festival because I would like to go to Robotic Adventures, Voyage and A Feast of Bones. Actually, I’d like to see every show! It is a time I can take a day off school to go to shows and see three or four shows on one day. I love it! I love going to see things with my class and being with my best friends while I’m watching a show. Sometimes I get to see a show twice cos then I also go with my mom. I like to see a show twice because you see things that you didn’t see the first time you watched it.

My name is Noah. I am eight years of age. I am half Kenyan and half Irish. I go to Educate Together National School and am in second class. I like playing football, rugby and I like dancing and lego. I also just performed in the Abbey Theatre with my mother at a show by MAM (Mothers Artists Makers ) called Observe The Mothers of Theatre Marching Towards the Stage.

Baboró International Arts Festival for Children starts this Monday October 17 and runs until Sunday October 23. For more details see


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