Time to bring the Criminal Assets Bureau into banking scandal says Grealish

The Criminal Assets Bureau must be brought in to investigate the latest revelations and “dubious and questionable practices” within the Irish banking system.

This is the view of Independent Galway West TD Noel Grealish, who is calling on his colleagues in Government to take action on this issue.

Dep Grealish said the recent disclosure about “the blatant attempt by Anglo Irish Bank to ‘window dress’ its end of year accounts, in collusion with National Irish Life and Permanent, is nothing short of a national scandal”.

The Carnmore man said is “past time” to call in the CAB to fully investigate these matters and bring the perpetrators of these “white collar crimes to justice”.

He said that while the public understands and is willing to accept some pain because of the recession, people will not accept the “double standard system that seems to exist, where one law applies for the majority of Irish workers and another, altogether more lenient one, applies for a ‘select group’, within our society”.

He said: “Our international reputation has been tarnished and sullied by the actions of a few from this ‘select group’. Crime is crime, irrespective of what colour collar you wear. It is time for the Government to show the Irish people that all of its citizens are treated equally and that not only is justice done, but justice is seen to be done.”


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