New boom needed for Claddagh basin

Water polo at the Claddagh basin.

Water polo at the Claddagh basin.

Demands are being made for a new boom to trap and contain litter and grease gathering in the Claddagh Basin, which has the potential to harm human health and boat engines.

Labour city councillor Niall McNelis has called on the Galway City Council to install a new boom - a temporary floating barrier used to contain waste and help make recovery easier - at the section of the canal alongside Raven’s Terrace, which enters into Claddagh Quay.

“A large amount of litter has been making its way into the basin and has become very unsightly,” he said. “This spot is also very busy and is used for canoe polo.”

Cllr McNelis said he has received “a large number of calls over the last few weeks” about this issue, and that he has reported to the council “a number of breaches over fat and waste being dumped further up the canal”. He is calling for this to be investigated as “boats in the Claddagh are being damaged”. He said: “Local Claddagh boatmen are worried about the engines being damaged because of this grease.”



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