Another woman comes forward detailing disturbing incident on the Moycullen Spiddal road

Last week the Galway Advertiser featured an article after a local woman contacted the paper with a story about a frightening incident which occurred the previous Monday. The woman was driving home alone at 11pm on the main road between Moycullen and Spiddal (known as The Mountain Road ) when she noticed a car to her rear being driven erratically. She detailed how a car came flying up behind her and began tailgating her and flashing lights.

The woman became scared when she indicated to turn right down a rural road towards her home. The car behind her, which was silver with a Dublin registration plate, immediately followed, all the while still flashing her. She turned into her home and the car sped off. Naturally enough the woman in question was extremely scared and she contacted the Galway Advertiser to spread the word and encourage women to take more caution when driving alone at night.

The paper has once again been contacted by another woman who suffered the same experience on the same road a year and a half ago.

"I read your article on the woman who was on the Moycullen road and the traumatic experience she had with the other car flashing her etc. I just wanted to say the exact same thing happened to me on the same road, a year ago last Christmas at 8pm-ish at night. The person driving was doing all the same things with the full lights on. Then after about a good five minutes of it they just switched off the lights and I don't know what happened or where they went (there were no lights at all on that road to see them ). I don't know how many were in the car or what type/colour it was etc but I said I would mention it to you after reading the other woman's story. I rang the guards in Millstreet because that would be my local station too and they had no interest. They didn't ask for details or anything. I just felt like I should tell my story especially after reading about the other lady's experience."



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