Many hands make light work

Startup City

Startup Weekend is 100 per cent owned and run by the community, it is a grassroots movement run by volunteers. You see some of the work over the weekend, but it’s all in the lead up where the venue, food, mentors, speakers, sponsorship, promotion and all the rest are worked on.

From 9am - 10pm, the full organising team, too many to mention showed up and ran an outstanding event. For me, on my 7th startup weekend, I wasn’t sure I’d still get that enthusiastic feeling I did at the first. But I did. The energy in the room was incredible, from Cait Noone speaking to the organisers to the walk ins who ended up joining.

Last weekend, you would have seen a lady walking around with a smile on her face, a back up charger in her pocket, while periscoping and Tweeting. That was ASHLEE CHIN, also head of events at Online Marketing In Galway. I asked her a little about the experience:

This is your second weekend, what have you seen happen in the Galway community since you started with SW?

I have seen so much happening in the Startup scene in Galway since the Startup Weekend #Foodtech. With the opening of Portershed and 3 of the teams from the Startup Weekend #Foodtech joining the New Frontiers. I think there is a great vibe in the Startup community in Galway.

What were the best bits of organising startup weekend?

The best bits of organising Startup weekend is definitely the networking and learning. Being able to connect with so many people in the Startup community and learn from their experiences.

Why do you put in so much time voluntarily?

I put in so much time volunteering because I am passionate about Startups and Event Management. I am constantly learning from others and gain more experience in these fields.

What is the day job?

I’m currently a Digital Marketing executive and I also work voluntarily as the Head of Events with Online Marketing in Galway.

What are the plans from here, I’m hearing about October?

We are planning on another Startup Weekend in Galway in October. We are hoping to attract people from all over Ireland to come to our upcoming #SWGalway.

It was a huge community effort, even down to SCCUL saving the day by bringing in the clicker for presentations at last minute. Superpixel Labs, BOI startups, LEO Galway, MAGNET and Deliveroo, all put in the much needed local sponsorship to get this off of the ground.

A heartfelt thanks to all that supported the weekend, from the mentors, to judges and organisers. It went bigger than Galway. On the week of the event, I got a call from Seeds&Chips an international food and tech event in Milan. The guys heard about our little Startup Weekend and wanted to donate a prize - flights, accommodation and a stand at a great event. Good luck to the winners on that trip!


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