Quarter of all homes in Galway fall into the poorest energy ratings

Only nine per cent of homes in county reach A and B levels

Some 25 per cent of Galway homes fall into the poorest energy ratings - the E, F and G categories - resulting in draughty, cold houses with increased electricity and gas costs. By contrast only nine per cent reach the A and B ratings.

These figures, published recently by the Central Statistics Office, have led Fianna Fáil Galway East TD Anne Rabbitte to call on homeowners across the county to apply for grants under the Better Energy programme to allow for insulation and home heating upgrades. “There are hundreds of homes across County Galway which are on the lower end of the energy scale," she said.

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland provides of up to €4,500 for insulating attics and walls and overhauling home heating systems. The application process can be accessed online.

"Energy efficiency is now a key consideration in property sales and a high energy efficiency rating places a home at a significant advantage in the market," said Dep Rabbitte. "The money spent on the initial upgrade works will be recouped through lower energy bills in the subsequent months and years."



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