Will it be Ganley v Michael D for Europe?

Within the next few weeks, Libertas will make an announcement on whether or not its founder Declan Ganley will run as a candidate in the North-West in the EU elections.

If Mr Ganley does declare there is speculation it may prompt the Labour Party to encourage its president and Galway West TD Michael D Higgins to run for a European seat.

Despite a recent national poll - which showed that 58 per cent of respondents would vote in favour of the Lisbon Treaty - many in the Irish political class still fear a Ganley candidacy.

The organisational skills, ability to frame the debate, and articulateness Mr Ganley showed in the Lisbon referendum are skills that would stand to him in the European elections. He may also be able to capitalise on discontent with the Government.

It is for this reason that some Labour members in Galway have begun to discuss the idea of a Michael D European candidacy. An intellectual well versed in global affairs, a highly articulate speaker, and an ability to attract support from outside Labour are among Dep Higgins’ qualities - qualities that would make him a strong candidate to challenge Mr Ganley for a European seat.

While this is all speculation at the moment - nothing has been decided yet as to who Labour may run in the North-West (Connacht-Ulster ) - the pro-Lisbon parties will want to see a strong candidate fielded who can match Mr Ganley, should he decide to run.



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