AtlanTec — a celebration of Galway’s diverse technology culture

The AtlanTec Festival being held in Galway this May will consist of a series of technology themed events, of interest to industry professionals, community groups, and those in education.

It will showcase the latest and next generation technologies in Galway while simultaneously promoting the west as a technology hub, fostering innovation and collaboration.

At the core of the festival lies the AtlanTec Conference on May 26 and 27; a two-day knowledge-building event designed for software practitioners.

The theme of the conference is “The Art of Software Development” focusing on security, Internet of Things (IoT ), big data, cloud, machine learning, micro services, Azure and innovation with top speakers from the US and Europe including Ramona Pierson, CEO Declara, Debra Chrapaty COO Declara , Dave Locke, evangelist and inventor IBM, John Romero, president Romero Games and serial entrepreneur, Brenda Romero, game desginer and developer, and Alison Vincent, CTO Cisco UK and Ireland.

The conference is supported by a series of technology and fun events across the month of May including….

— IoT Hackathon — gaming for gamers

— The Impact of Women in Tech — MedTech convergence

— Digital Arts — community and cultural events

— Tech Entrepreneurs — in company tech series

— Next generation technologies and much more.

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