End discrimination against the self employed, says Davoren

Galway West/South Mayo RENUA Ireland candidate Nicola Daveron believes that a healthy state values and assists those who create jobs and wealth.

Ms Daveron, who is a solicitor based in Galway said “those who work hard, generate economic growth and employ others should not be penalised for doing so.

“Irish business owners who take risks and create employment for others are taxed more heavily than the public sector and PAYE workers.The RENUA Ireland candidate continued “In Ireland the self-employed, entrepreneurs and SME owners have;

- No personal tax allowance

- No PRSI Benefits

- No social safety net

The government has not shown a genuine interest in ending tax discrimination against indigenous business owners.

we need to overhaul the tax and social welfare discrimination against the self-employed. The measures RENUA Ireland propose are:

Abolishing the higher rate of USC for the self employed

Introducing the same tax credit that all other tax payers have for the self-employed and directors/small firm owners

Allowing the self-employed and business owners to opt-in to PRSI so they can avail of supports should a business fail

“Our economy is too reliant on foreign direct investment as its sole source of growth, while the high street is struggling to survive.

“This discrimination against the self-employed sends the strongly negative message to business owners and those considering the step into entrepreneurship that Ireland is anything but the best small country in the world in which to do business,” she concluded.



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