Galway drivers warned after teenager tries to enter woman’s car at busy traffic junction

The Galway Advertiser Facebook page was once again a hotbed of activity this week after a story was shared about a frightening incident at the Moneenageisha junction.

A woman was stopped in her car at the traffic lights at 6.50 last Thursday morning, when a teenager tried to gain entry to the vehicle. Luckily the car has an auto lock system so the man failed, but understandably the woman in question was fairly shaken after the incident. She believes the boy was about 17 years of age. “He was possibly still in school, very clean cut, you wouldn’t think twice if you passed him on the street. Although he was not aggressive, he was intimidating and wanted to get into my car. He tried more than once before the lights changed. What he was doing there at 6.50am is beyond me. It was a very frightening experience, and had my doors not been on auto lock it would have been a lot worse.”

The woman has warned all drivers - especially those travelling at quieter times to lock their doors. This story led numerous people to come forward and detail similar incidents. One woman explained what happened to her in Cross Sreet on Monday and the gardai have been informed in case it is linked to what happened at Moneenageisha. “I was in my car when a man tried to gain entry to the vehicle. Luckily my doors were locked. The guy tried the back and front passenger door. I rang the gardai in Mill Street with his description.”

Another reader detailed an incident on the Western Distributor Road. “I pulled over for a minute on the side of the road and a guy tried to open the door. He literally jumped out of nowhere. He was asking to use my phone. I just drove off. My children were with me, and he frightened the life out of us.”

A man told of a similar incident that occurred at the Ballybrit Junction a few months ago. “I just thought the guy was confused, and took no notice. I’ll certainly be passing his details on now.”

Gardai in Mill Street are appealing for anybody with information about these incidents to come forward. A spokesperson said they were awaiting an official report on the Moneenageisha incident from the woman who was involved, and on receipt of that they would be prepared to check CCTV in the area.


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